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    Destination managers have a massive amount of information and (in theory at least) destination knowledge and content. At present many of them believe they have to have their own website and they work very hard to drive traffic to that website, sometimes to the exclusion of other content. They will increasingly need to acknowledge that “official” channels are not always preferred and visitors need information through a variety of channels to help them access the incredible variety of tourism experiences that are available to them. If destination managers could move from “come to my website, where we’ve hoarded all the information we have” to “here’s all our information and content about our fantastic destination – we want to show how much we know, how marvellous this place is so please take our content and information and please use it in any way and any how you want” then we’d be making it MUCH easier for visitor to access the information and inspiration that could trigger more visits and enjoy more experiences.

    I also have a “vision” for Tourist/Visitor Information Centres to be transformed into Visitor INSPIRATION Centres, where the TIC/VIC manager doesn’t just display the information that’s sent to them, but aims to surprise, delight and inspire visitors (and locals since VFR is so important) with ideas for things to do, upselling, and showing them the less obvious sights beyond the piles of standard brochures.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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