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    Most people catch on to the fact that content is king pretty quickly when they start to learn about marketing

    But we often hear about people who go on social media courses and then don’t know what to tweet about, despite sitting on a goldmine of great narrative & visual content.

    Are there are simple guides or other resources to help people find the content in their business?


    Mary Tebje

    I am responsible for a number of twitter accounts including a trade association, business network and a destination. I have good and bad communication days – and have learnt a few tips to help keep the creativity flowing;
    Don’t expect to only tweet from your desk, you will soon run dry. Get out and about, talk to people, customers and colleagues – walk the business.
    Take interesting photographs and post them often.
    Read about and research your industry and business sector.
    Consider the history and heritage of your location – and your industry
    Develop themes – weekly or monthly and build content around these.
    Don’t just talk about your business – it’s only that interesting to you.



    The secret to creating great content is a deep understanding of your customer. You simply cannot be interesting to all the people all the time. In this respect, persona development is a vital step for any business that wants to create great content. Unless you develop a rich, detailed picture of who your customer is, what her needs are, what her challenges are, what her family and home looks like, what pain she has in her life and what she finds inspirational and exciting, you have no chance. You will be throwing darts in the dark. My advice to most businesses is to stop trying to write for everybody and focus on the perfect customers they want to attract. Create customer personas, name them, develop them, test them, evolve them and love them – faults and all. Creating content should now be a great deal easier.
    When you identify a customer that matches your persona ask them how they found you and learn where they hang out on line and what publications they read. Ask them why they chose you, what they enjoyed and what could have been better for them and why. Ask them why they are here and where they are going next – and why. Ask what they do for fun, what TV they watch, ask them what annoys them and why. Learn about them and the ideas will come.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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