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    We were amazed to hear a local farm shop recently tell us that they have a 6000 strong email list that they don’t do anything with, not even an email newsleter

    So many businesses have data that they aren’t even beginning to make use of, never mind optimise.

    Small businesses are never all going to be IT wizards but how can we help them understand the BIGdata opportunities?

    Perhaps we need to take a step back and think about putting people who have data in touch with people who can help them make more of it, and for both of them to earn a bit more of a crust as a result


    Viv Harrison

    Ensure we have good, reliable ways in which customers can feed back to us (easily and when convenient to them) how they found their experience of our products/services – and what they would most like to see changed. Make sure the various different feedback sources are reviewed “together” to spot themes – and then make good use of what customer are saying to act, move forwards and make improvements. Ask them to tell you about any stand-out moments.



    There are 3 things:

    1. Feedback (proactive not reactive): have a look at
    2. What you DO with the feedback (a huge opportunity that 99% of businesses mess up)
    3. Ongoing engagement following feedback: VIP clubs etc

    We have worked with Hotels who’ve seen bookings rise 20%+, Room rates up 15%+ and marketing costs down 70% + by doing this well: this is the future: this is the way to brilliant marketing in the 21st Century.

    VE should be focusing on helping organisations become BRILLIANT at this!



    The arts & heritage sectors are now looking at the opportunities that big data can bring through aggregated data sharing (box office and visitor surveys), analysis and crucially insight to learn and apply new ways of working individually and as part of clusters of organisations – and conversations are starting with Visit England on this. Still in its early stages but huge potential impact for the sectors.

    Helen Palmer – Creative Tourist (& currently The Audience Agency who operate Audience Finder)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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