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    Martin Couchman

    Brussels could make it easier: at present, if a hotel offers “accommodation plus, say, a round of golf or a theatre trip” that counts as a package under the Package Travel Directive. The hotel will therefore have to make insurance, bonding or other arrangements for handling deposits. As a result, most don’t bother. The UK government has said it’s in favour of these deals being excluded from the Directive as part of the current rewriting of the legislation. Thank you Minister. If this change goes through, UK hotels will be able to offer these deals, reducing red tape and increasing consumer choice. This would apply where there wasn’t a travel element in the package, so it would have most benefit for UK consumers, but non-UK residents could also take advantage by booking their travel separately. A win for all.

    From Martin Couchman, British Hospitality Association.



    Agree with Martin’s point. Not all consumers want to book everything through one provider though, so to pick up a point from the tourism discussion, sharing rather than hoarding destination information makes sense. It also allows the potential visitor to book elements of the holiday or break in stages. For example, if they’ve made the decision on the location and accommodation type, they may not be ready to book attractions or events at that stage, but if they have one place to come back to where they can find all the info and be inspired at a later stage in the planning, doesn’t that make them feel welcome and wanted?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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